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2D Line art Sketches

A 3D CAD item or assembly is represented as a 2D drawing view on a drawing sheet. A drawing view depicts the shape of the thing as seen from a variety of common angles, including the front, top, side, and so on.

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2D Whiteboard Sketches

An assembly that is displayed as a whiteboard presentation on a drawing sheet is known as a 2D Whiteboard Sketch view. This can be personally sketched for you either on a drawing tablet or on paper.

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2D Cartoon Sketches

The elements in a 2D drawing view are two dimensional. It doesn't equate to a 3D model as others might think. You may rapidly build or alter a drawing view with a 2D drawing view without having to make modifications to a part or assembly document using the artist's skills to accomplish this.

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Digital coloring/ shading

In the new art form of "digital painting," conventional painting methods including impasto, watercolor, and oils are applied using digital tools like a computer, a graphics tablet, and software. This gives depth to the drawing and helps to bring any flat shapes that need volume to life which adds a touch of dynamics.

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Comic art

The creation of stylized or streamlined drawings with the intention of conveying a narrative, proving a point, or making viewers laugh is known as comic art. A series of adjacent drawn images that are often organized horizontally and are intended to be read as a story or a chronological sequence is known as a comic strip. In this format, the story is typically original.

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Traditional animation

Traditional animation, sometimes referred to as cel animation or hand-drawn animation, is a kind of animation in which each frame of the movie is created by hand. Up until the advent of computer animation, this form of animation dominated the film industry. These are traditional animation techniques that involve drawing by drawing or frame by frame animation.

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What design requests can I make?

Just about any animation or digital content you can think of. Anything from animation cartoons, whiteboard animation videos, to even comic strips, character drawings and similar art designs can be submitted.

How many requests can I create?

Feel free to submit as many as the dashboard allows you to. The team will work on one at a time, then once through onto the next request.

What's the turnaround time?

Are your designers talented?

How are your designers screened?

What type of source files do I get?