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Step 1


Create your design request

Begin by filling out a form describing your unlimited graphic design ideas. You can create as many requests all at once to form a queue.


What projects can I request?

Just about any animation or digital content you can think of. Anything from animation cartoons, whiteboard animation videos, to even comic strips, character drawings and similar art designs can be submitted.

How many requests can I create?

What's the turnaround time?

Step 3


Get your deliverable and create another

Yay, your delivery arrives! Instantly download your item with just a click. Meanwhile, let’s start on your next request in the queue – pronto.


What type of source files do I get?

What if I lose my file?

Step 2


Team assigns request to the best creative pro

Never again stress about selecting the wrong designer. Every time you create a project, our HR staff pairs your project with the most compatible designer.


Are your designers talented?

How are your designers screened?


Avoid overhead costs and have a team of experts do the job, at an affordable rate. All this is powered by a high-performance dashboard for managing your design requests.

A tight budget? Instead of paying for each unique design individually, use our monthly payment option to save hundreds of dollars.

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We take this process seriously. Only 5% of creative professionals that apply to Pencil Bee make the cut.

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Not happy with Pencil Bee? Dependent on the package, we have a Money-back guarantee of 7 and 30 days. Let us know and get a full refund, hassle free.unlimited graphic design image

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