Pencil Bee- Unlimited Graphic Design
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The revision step is easy and straightforward. You have the opportunity to discuss your modification requests with the designer using our “Email” feature in your dashboard.

Depending on the request, 48 hours or more is the preferred timeline. Delivery depends more on the project type, which might range from something straightforward like a line drawing to something more intricate like a cartoon production. Send as many samples of what you have in mind so that we can better clearly understand your request, that will help things move along more quickly.

Pencil Bee offers high-quality content without compromising quality. Depending on the complexity of the project requests, each request determines the number of requests you’ll receive. Your responsiveness and feedback counts as a part of it.

Depending on the specified project type, turnaround time could be between two to three days; however, more complex tasks, like whiteboard animations or classic cartoon compositions, take longer. Simple revision requests can usually be handled in two days.

Bulk creative designs allow you to avoid paying per project or per hour. You can order as many designs as you want, and we’ll start executing your order. After a job is completed, we go straight on to the next one in queue.

You can let the designer know if something about the design feels a little odd, and they’ll fix it right away. We offer limitless revisions for your projects, so as soon as you’re satisfied, we are too.

Anything you can imagine in terms of animation or digital material. You can contribute anything, including whiteboard animation films, comic strips, character sketches, and other types of artwork.

Our team focuses on recruiting top talent throughout more than ten nations, from the North and South American areas to the Eastern European and Asian groups. Based on the many design needs from our customers, we maintain a balance. Our workforce is employed full-time and receives a fair salary.