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3 Weird and Wacky Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

3 Weird and Wacky Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

Cartoon marketing is an effective method for engaging users and opening the sales funnel. Discover three reasons why you should start using animation and cartoons in your marketing.

Advertising trends change all the time. Every year, the industry comes up with new ways to sell products. If you want to maintain a strong internet presence and keep your brand marketing current, you must stay informed.

Cartoon marketing is one of the most rapidly expanding advertising fads. It evolved from explainer video marketing, which is well-known for producing outstanding outcomes in terms of brand recognition and the full sales funnel. Take a look at these figures: 82% of traffic will come from video traffic alone by end of 2022 , and 51% of marketers in 2021 already use visuals in their marketing to engage their users. Without a doubt, video marketing should be the primary focus of your 2023 marketing approach. But, before you begin using cartoon marketing into your approach, let’s learn more about it.

Michael Litt says, “The play button is the most appealing call to action on the web.” What more could we ask for than human-centered, marketable, and appealing products?

Cartoon marketing is the use of animated videos to endorse services or products. It is key to a company’s appeal and has a major impact on its social strategy, just like any other video marketing tool. Now, let’s look at the advantages of cartoon marketing and how it might fit into your marketing strategy.


Incredible Statistics That Re-Energizes Your Strategy

Let’s be frank. Cartoon animation appears to be lighthearted at first glance. Cartoon characters may appear amusing, but they lead to huge growth. Research shows that cartoon videos can influence the following metrics:

Captivating the viewer


Assume you’ve arrived at the website of a mortgage company. You choose to understand exactly details about the features or advantage of this agency, but there is very little time to go over the facts available on the site. A video can illustrate abstract topics better and quicker than sentences. A 3 minute video can highlight key information and create attention to the most important points. A user spends only 100 secs getting most of the solutions and is now ready to go for it.

Influencing the sales funnel

MarTech series showcases amazing figures on whether animated cartoon videos influence the entire sales funnel. For example, 70% of the marketers in 2021 believed that video marketing resulted in a positive ROI. Overall, branding cartoon video builds stronger returns, and incorporating advertising into your plan is an awesome choice.


Manage Your Price And Budget

What does it cost to make a cartoon video? Like any company, one such question is this that pops up once the ROI perks become clear.

Animated videos can be very affordable and take little time to complete. Besides that, they make a great impression even if published under the circumstances of a tiny budget. The cost gap of both a small animation and a minimal cost video recording will be significant. But even if you would strive preserve cost on a real – time video filming, this will not be possible to attain.


Create A Character With Personality

There is a simple cognitive strategy you can try in cartoon branding: if users identify with the characters in the animation, they are more inclined to mimic their actions. This also apply in video content, where the characters face the same challenges as viewing audience – and if they notice a solution in the animation, they will respond similarly!


For example, suppose someone wishes to monitor their daily exercise routine but is unsure how to do anything. As a possible answer, we illustrate a character who faces the same situation but overcomes it by downloading the app to help them track results. The issue has been resolved, and it is now time for a prospect to jump on board.


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